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SERVICES: available online & By PHONE at REDUCED COST
What we do?  Give you the design, planning and construction support you want. WE LIVE to CREATE Your Great Projects! Find your customized creative team,  JUST FOR YOU.  Hire Jude's Team  -  Get Results!


Supporting clients with bilingual design + build + market + management services as required throughout the United States, Central and South America. Specializing in Planning & Construction on many levels with classical to modern roots and stunning solutions.

You can be assured that with our team you have found an opportunity to produce top quality work on your dream project anywhere by collaborating with this exceptional design & travelling build team from Conception to Completion: Planning to Building & Marketing...

Hire professionals capable of offering you a rewarding and creative ride while you build your project. From new construction to remodels including 'state of the art' kitchens & bathrooms & water features & pools. Plus, we can manage & market your property to others.


We bring a unique set of skills, talents, people and experiences to the quality design and creation of projects from buildings and their surroundings to branding. From homes to businesses like wine projects, hospitality & retail industries. Your projects GET NOTICED!


Jude's Event Production team helps you use events to promote and market your projects and ideas using a variety of methods including social media with over 40,000 emails, and growing group of international collaborative creatives.


When you seek Creative International Connections with Expats, Artists and Creative people who want to participate in a variety of creative projects contact us. We hook up international creatives to manifest dreams.

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Rustic Furniture
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What we offer:

  • Our team has the most talented and experienced  architectural and construction consultants  from reputed universities who support sustainable building practices.

  • We listen to you carefully and provide a personal consulting service focused on your specific needs and requirements.

  • We have years of experience and keep good connections with the local authorities to understand the updated rules and regulations!

  • We have a good link up with the legal authority, so if any problem occurs, we find your best solutions.

  • When you notice any kind of problem, we are ready to chat with you and satisfy your concerns.  Contact us.



Jude and this creative team offers support on many types of Projects both Commercial and Residential:

Once we understand the scope of your projects we advise on your choices available. This multi-lingual 'dream team' lead by Jude and Buiider/Designer/Mixed Media Artist, AJ Landon. Their international collaborative team of design, art and production professionals are available to service clients' needs as required. Designing and coordinating projects both locally and sometimes in exotic and remote places in the world like Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Chile. This experienced team offers has done MANY projects. Jude mainstreams a project process and develops the permits and building team you require while producing fun and dynamic quality greener design solutions that can be complimented by original art and handmade designed furniture and garden and water features that fit and excite YOU.


Whether you want just preliminary ideas or more complete art, design and fabrication services, this team guides you through the processes required to manifest your ideas and dreams with practical solutions. When you require skills beyond your scope of abilities we find your creative experts. We don't have sales people or middle men. You have direct access to all the people in our collaborative. We are friends working together to embrace our highest and deepest potentials. Striving to work and live creative and productive lives while creating stunning projects and environments as successful businesses and inspiring experiences.


Contact Jude Steele,

Designer, Architect, Design Manager and Creative Director, when you want more information and to schedule a FREE initial consultation at 


Headquartered in the US & Belize, our crew travels worldwide. You are assured that you have found quality collaborative creative support. Contact us to discuss customized possibilities for your project.




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What Construction Documents and Building Permit Application Regulations are Required to Build Your Project?

Building Regulations law IN the US & MOST COUNTRIES have many sections, INCLUDING:

  • Dimensioned site plans showing property features and boundaries

  • Dimensioned Floor Plans of each Floor

  • Exterior and Interior Elevations 

  • Sections with Structural Details - Walls, Ceilings, Doors, Stairs, Foundations, etc  

  • Foundations Plan and Footing Details with steel placements and structural calculations

  • Doors and Window Schedules, Sizes and Details

  • Structural System Specifications and detailed attachment specifications.

  •  Fire Security, Fire Truck Road access inspections and approvals,  Sprinkler Systems and water pressure and storage calculations

  • Site planning during construction: repelling water, drainage, waste disposal, construction materials storage, soil storage, etc.

  • Sound Proofing Specification and Installation Details when required 

  • Heating, Cooling and Ventilation plan and systems specifications

  • Electrical Plan with compliant outdoor lighting fixtures

  •  Plumbing Plan with compliant installation details

  • Structural details and Calculations with Engineering seals

  • Green Review Compliance Checklist

  • Installation, Use calculations, Code Compliance and Maintenance of Power, Dehumidification, Filtering, Venting, Air Circulation and Energy Systems

  • Water Storage, Water Filtration, Septic and Grey Water Systems

  • Parking and Outdoor Lighting Plans and Specifications


This team provides building construction, permitting and regulations drawings  from small to large projects. We know how to comply with the building regulations. Online Architecture Services does exactly what you want at affordable prices.
We don't have sales people or middle men. You have direct access to all the people in our collaborative. We are friends working together to embrace our highest and deepest potentials. Striving to work and live creative and productive lives while creating stunning projects. Talk to Jude to access all of us.

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Why Our Architecture Support Online is a wise choice:


  • Dreams are easy to think ABOUT, but tough to make real!

  • It is difficult to develop an affordable planning application without professional support.

  • This ‘Online Architecture Service‘ provides low-cost services that makes your ideas real with all the required permits and cost estimates.

  • So don’t waste your valuable time, check the market. Find what custom planning, engineering, estimating and permitting services cost. ($120 to $180+ hourly = 10%+ of construction cost: $700,000 house= $70,ooo)

  • Once you are done, you will be clear that this team offers the best value in the market!! $80 hourly and we are fast! (Usually about 5% or less of construction cost- $10,000 to $35,000 depending on size and scope of the work required)

Once we understand the scope of your projects we advise on your choices available. Our team members listen to your specific project requirements and guide you through the your considerations from site analysis before your land purchase to construction documentation, permitting and construction supervision.



  • Architectural Design, varied scales, types, styles... from concept, sketch, & 3D models to plan sets...

  • Architectural Programming & Scheduling

  • Greener Interior, Exterior, & Landscape Design 

  • New Projects & Additions 

  • Project Concepts, Development, & Implementation

  • Sustainable Designs Standards

  • Minimal to Comprehensive Design Support

  • Construction Crews with Concrete forming systems come to your building site and set up and pour the basic concrete shells for your Custom plans.




  • Constructibility Analyses 

  • Contract & Construction Plans & Permitting Documents

  • Cost estimating & Scheduling 

  • Construction  with Supervision 

  • Construction Inspection 

  • Project and Contractor Scheduling Administration and Coordination

  • Advise on local finishing sub-contractors as required

  • Advise on best materials & methods




  • Sustainability Plans fom a Home to Businesses, Schools & Wine Caves

  • Smart Growth 

  • Planning Studies 

  • Cost Estimates and Analysis Energy 

  • Zoning Ordinance Review

  • BUILDING SYSTEMS with Greener Standards

  • Site Planning and Engineering 

  • Structural Analysis & Design 

  • Heating- including passive solar...

  • Ventilation

  • Air Conditioning 

  • Interior/Exterior Lighting

  • Electrical Power Emergency 

  • Systems Plumbing/Sanitary 

  • Energy Audits/Conservation 

  • Systems Green Roofing 


We offer these services and have many resources to help you find your best solutions and sustainable materials. We are committed to developing high quality green solutions, so contact us and ask questions about you specific needs and ideas.

We know how to get high quality designs and standards delivered to your project that can include local services, labor, and materials for greener and often less expensive choices or advise on how you can do things yourself. Whether your taste is rustic or high finish we support your project to a level that can become your unique work of art. 

After meeting and discussing your project you decide freely whether our team is right for you. No hard sales pitch - one meeting typically clarifies if working together is a good fit.  You don’t have to be wealthy to afford us. Clients often tell us the time and money they saved from our advise more than covered our fees.

This team creates many types of projects from smaller to spacious eco-conscious energy conserving homes, businesses and housing developments. These spaces can be nestled in Nature, with passive solar orientation, have alternative power sources, beautiful sustainable floors, etc... From a spacious covered wrap-around porch or vine covered trellis to traditional, vernacular, or ultra modern style homes and even whole village complexes clustered around lush garden settings with nature views are some of the many choices you may consider when using our team.

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