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Have you had a project needing support for weeks, maybe months? Too busy, or lack the expertise to get it finished quickly? Or, just can't find reliable experienced support?

Sound familiar?

Here you'll find excellent support on whatever you need done... one person or a team who delivers your best results. AND WE  WORK ONLINE & TRAVEL.


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QUALIFICATIONS : Architecture, Interiors and Project Coordination for Planning, Construction, Property Development from Conception to Completion. Dynamic Projects that everyone enjoys working on. Creating Successful Results...

Extensive knowledge of interior and exterior and landscape architecture’s visual, technical and professional practices, standards, permitting and codes compliances required for building diverse projects including design, project management and customer relations related to creating, organizing and supervising the design, fabrication and installations of multi-faceted projects. 


Dependable, reliable and consistent work quality with experience in team communications, planning, designing, construction, estimating, staging and managing projects using sketching, hand drafting, accounting, estimating, CAD, writing, color rendering, photography, computer modeling and software applications.


Well organized, creative, artistic, confident and considerate with clients and co-workers while focused on the importance of process, methods and team efforts that produce high quality creative projects and quality client relations. Develop award winning art and design projects through visual, verbal and written communications. Meet deadlines, budgets, and client expectations. Manage and coordinate multiple complex projects with collaborative multi-disciplinary teams.

Provide attentive client relations and quality customer service to deliver successful results:

  • Plan and Produce Projects independently and supervise teams as required to complete stunning quality projects that meet clients objectives

  • Offer ‘greener’ solutions, ecological products, healthier materials, finishes and furnishings

  • Project coordination including, lighting, landscaping, computer/web integrations and marketing support.

  • Proven abilities in maximizing design processes and standards from branding to environments on any budget

  • Optimize operations including design and construction standards, accounting, production and ordering procedures.

  • Research high quality cost conscious products that improve efficiency and profits.

  • Responsible for outstanding presentations, client meetings, and project design and coordination.

  • Survey existing conditions, think 'outside the box" to find smart and innovative solutions.

  • Plan and Permit what’s needed, order everything including bid negotiations for contractors and fabricators. Bringing supportive team members as needed who do required work on any level: presentation boards, documents and booklets to art selection, cabinets, counters, tiles, fixtures, equipment, furniture, appliances, windows, textiles, etc.

  • Coordinate tradesmen and production vendors with schedules, budgets and oversee with hands-on oversight through completion.

  • Research sources to be used for costing, ordering, manufacturing, displaying and installing whatever is required with specification and details.





2012- Present - VIA DESIGN INTERNATIONAL • Landon Steele Associates

California - NY- Florida, USA - Chile - Mexico...

Senior Designer / Project Manager / Creative Director / Production Coordinator


Director of an Integral Multi-Diciplinary Design and Construction Team:


Designer / Construction Coordinator / Architect  and Creative Collaborator on designing, building and marketing projects requiring multiple phases of design and production: architectural, interior, graphic and industrial to environmental: residential and hospitality renovation and new construction projects that includes public amenities, vacation residences, hotels, houses, interior and outdoor rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, greener materials, finishes, lighting and furnishing. Designing, planning, drawing, specifying, purchasing and managing projects for the firm principals, clients, and customers with supportive management including drawing, modeling, orders, accounting and project installation supervision.


Bringing in other team member creatives as needed for each specific project with a wealth of quality designers, artists, CAD, construction and production support.


  • Direct collaborative design and building teams from design and presentation to bidding, permitting, ordering and project/construction/fabrication management including creating budgets, scopes of work, material, finishes, schedules, equipment and staff coordinations, tracking orders, proposals, project production and construction oversight and staging.

  • Ensure that clients reach their project parameters, design preferences, budgets and expectations are being managed well and on schedule while design integrity is being maintained, driven and tracked.

  • Understand US Commercial and Residential construction codes, sequencing, and best building, materials and fabrications practices along with the ability to gather information, manage construction and specification documents, place orders, prepare reports, communicate and deliver what clients want independently and on collaborative teams.


2011- 1988- CONSULTANT & EMPLOYEE with multiple architecture and construction firms in all phases of design and construction management • more information and references provided upon request.

1982-1987    Oregon School of Design, Graceland University,     Portland, Oregon

BA, Major Environmental Architecture: Design, Construction Management, Interiors


1994-1996   NSCAD University, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Graduate Major: Design  Management,  Halifax, NS, CANADA

Special Interests & Volunteer Works: Design, Architecture, Concrete Construction, Art, Art Curation, Permaculture, Sociology, Travel, Literature...

See attached Portfolio Samples + more at







We know it is difficult to be a “Visionary Creative, Artist, Designer, Producer, Maker, etc.” Professionally, it is a difficult path to choose. But when you feel the passion to create, most of us realize, that we don’t choose our passions. They choose us. They wrap around our hearts and attention and won't let go. And when we follow our passions our hearts sing!  We make beautiful things and feel GOOD. We make ART.


That's why being creative is a calling. Your work shares what you've learned through your journey. Creativity helps us see in new ways. It can even make us “happy”. Isn’t inventing and experiencing our creative life what we want most? Whether it’s a great meal with a great wine, art making, finding a solutions or inventing a better solution, creativity improves our process and brings better results. Think of your works as intentions to create better solutions and make our world a better place. Creativity helps us let go of our shadows, dramas, and doubts. Explore creativity in whatever you do. Amaze yourself and us as you follow your creative flow. Dance to your music. LIVE to CREATE.


Too often, we are afraid to become an “Artist” or “Creative”. Such large and lofty titles.  Something we think only others should call us only after we’ve practiced for years and earned the title and reputation of “greatness” (often, after we are dead). Real creatives, while still alive, step up to their “Creative Aspirations” and remain true to their inner calling. Creating and sharing inspiring ways of experiencing our amazing world. 


Whatever creative passions are stirring within you, it is time to act. Live your deepest integrity fired by your creative ideas. Yes, it can be uncomfortable and some would say “arrogant” or even ”selfish”.  The naysayers will claim you exaggerate your importance and abilities. Others say, “Just be comfortable, take it easy, don’t take yourself so seriously. Finding creative meaning is not that important.”  I ADVISE: DON’T LISTEN. GO FOR YOUR DREAMS...


LIVE FULLY. Follow your heart and imagination. Chase your passions. Don’t be discouraged. Let go of any myths that imply you are not good enough to embrace the “Creator” in you. Your ego may try to protect and limit you. Saying, “Don’t do it, it’s not safe”. Face these fears:


Fear of not having enough time or conviction.

Fear of not having enough money or support.

Fear of not having enough personal drive or a dynamic personality.

Fear of not having enough talent or nothing important to say or contribute.

Fear of not being smart enough or failing and being ridiculed.


Basically, it's fear of not BEING enough. But you are enough. We are ALL enough. WE must express our creative visions collectively to continue creating our more RESILIENT REALITY and COLLABORATIVE CREATIVE COMMUNITY. Let's ALL create our best evolution individually and together.


Rumi wrote, "That which you seek, also seeks you." This means that your dreams are your dreams for a reason. They want to live, to be real, to find you, just as much as you want them.

SO, NO EXCUSES, JUST BE A CREATOR doing what you LOVE!  CREATE • CONNECT • SHARE • INSPIRE… LIVE + WORK + PLAY TO CREATE  WHEN ALONE  AND TOGETHER.  CREATE WHAT YOU SEEK.  REMEMBER: Believe you will find that elusive path to independence, creativity and fulfillment. Act as catalyst, bringing together successful 'creatives' from around the globe and provide valuable philosophical and practical tools to learn, grow, and create – TOGETHER!


Shared by Jude Steele,

Architect. Designer, Creative Director, Artist, Project 



We don't have sales people or middle men. You have direct access to all the people in our collaborative. We are friends working together to embrace our highest and deepest potentials. Striving to work and live creative and productive lives while creating stunning projects. TALK TO JUDE FOR ACCESS TO VIA's international network.


The Rouse Company, Intl Development

French Country Living Stores

Tommy Hilfiger

Coca Cola

JC Penney

Cameron Seafood Market Heartlight School

Baltimore Orioles

Rocky Mountain Development

Crestone Medical Center
The French Bistro

Alexander Julian
Georgetown Cotton
Friar’s Point Condominiums
Maya Moon Resort
Harvest Hills Center
Skorba Country House Hotel
La Reina Wellness Spa

Solon Architects
Treasure Trove Jewelry
International Council SC
San Jeronimo Development
City of Milford, CT
Green Peace
VIA Design Collaborative International SMA
Villa Dona Boutique Hotel

Robert Young Associates

Woodland Hills Arts Colony

Valdes Arts Residences

Neimen Marcus & other retailers

Beau Vigne Winery

Tolay Springs Winery

Bustamente Vineyard Estates

Algarobbo Beach Village Resort

Shogren Design Group
Kendall Jackson Winery

Jess Jackson Family Estates

VIA International Art Foundation
Sacks Vineyard Estates
Smirnoff Bayview Residence Hammonds Residence
Saskia Kitchen
VIA ARTS & DESIGN Residencies
Valdas Loft Residence
Zara Villas
Weiss Design
Andrew Stein  Gallery & Residences
Snyder House and Studio
Kaplan Townhouse
Kelly Farm House Restoration Richardson Beach Condominiums

Shishova Beach House
Gelb Residence
Podesta Residence
Terra Dome Corporation
Tivis Estates
River House Winery

Belize Development Resources

Indigo Beach Boutique Hotel


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